Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Level Up! 2013 - a Windsor Gaming Resource RPG event.

Level up with the Windsor Gaming Resource on October 26th!

The Windsor Gaming Resource is known for hosing fantastic board gaming events around the city of Windsor almost every week. In addition to these events we've also hosted the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz five years in a row. We also put on book swaps and painting clinics. The one thing we have never done though is an RPG event and that's about to change.

October 26th the WGR will be hosting a day long RPG experience. The great folks at the Green Bean Windsor Star Cafe have offered us some great gaming space from 11am until 11pm. That's 12 full hours!

There will be two different sittings. A early sitting starting at 12 noon and a late sitting at 6pm. Each sitting will have a variety of RPG games you can choose to play in. Each individual session should run between 4-5 hours. Doing the math you can see that there will be a 1 hour gap between sittings to give our GMs a break and give time for everyone to grab some food (I personally recommend staying in and supporting the venue by buying your dinner at the Green Bean).

We will be taking sign ups for the each individual game. The number of slots will vary by game and details of this can be found on the Facebook event page for Level Up! You can sign up by commenting on the event wall post for the game you want to play in. Walk ins are also welcome but we can't guarantee you a spot at the game you want to play. If there's a game you really want to try I suggest signing up on the Facebook page. If you don't use Facebook comment here and I'm sure we can work something out.

This is an awesome opportunity for non-roleplaying game players to experience this wonderful gaming hobby. It's also the perfect chance for RPG fans to try out a new system.

Facebook Event Page for Level Up! - https://www.facebook.com/events/660560770643506/
The WGR on Twitter - @windsorgaming

The Green Bean Windsor Star Cafe is located at:
Windsor ON N9A 7B4

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