Friday, 3 April 2015

Celebrate International Tabletop Day in Windsor on April 11th

2015 marks the third year for International Tabletop Day. A day in celebration of all kinds of tabletop gaming started by Wil Wheaton and the people behind the Tabletop YouTube channel. A channel that is likely responsible for bringing more people into modern board gaming than anything else out there.

The goal of Tabeltop Day matches the goal of the Windsor Gaming Resource: to get people out there and gaming. It's a day to celebrate sitting down with friends, face to face and playing games.

Last year Tabletop Day was celebrated in 80 countries over all 7 continents and they expect it will be even bigger this year. Windsor has participated every year to date and this year is no exception.

Here in the City of Roses, two FLGS (Friendly Local Game Stores) will be participating in the Tabletop Day events:

Brimstone Games: is located at 3298 Walker Road and will be hosting 12 hours of gaming. They open at 10am and will be hopping until 10pm. 

In addition to open gaming Brimstone will be giving away a copy of Three Kingdoms Redux, there will be an in store X-Wing tournament and an Android Netrunner Tournament. The local Dice Master's players are also setting something up.

The CG Realm: is located at 3147 Tecumseh Rd. East and will be open from noon until 11pm.

In addition to Tabletop Day stuff, it's also the usual CG Realm Game Day which will be running from 5-11 where they will be featuring Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters. You can win a copy to take home.

Both venues will have their gaming areas open for free gaming all day. There are also a slew of cool Tabletop Day Promos that each store will be giving out throughout the day.

It doesn't matter which store you head out to, just get out there, join in the fun and play some games!

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