Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Boards & Bits @ Brimstone - May 10th

The Windsor Gaming resource returns to Brimstone Games on Saturday May 10th from 5pm until 10pm.

Brimstone has a huge gaming area with tons of tables, chairs and great lighting. I'm told by the owner, Sean, that we could fit 60 of us in there.

This is an open, all ages, theme-less gaming event. Just a bunch of us getting together to play some games at a great venue. Along with having games for sale Brimstone also has a good selection of drinks and snack food. They are also really cool about people bringing food in and personally I'm a big fan of ordering Pizza from Armando's just down the street.

You can find Brimstone at 3298 Walker Rd. Parking is available on the south side of the building and on the street around back. Note Brimstone used to be located in McGreggor. This is no longer the case, they moved into Windsor last year. Some internet mapping sites seem to have not gotten this figured out yet.

At these events you can usually find people playing Magic The Gathering and since Brimstone is a Games Workshop specialty store so we've often seen a table or two of Warhammer going down. Add to this our usual mix of card board and dice games for one of the most varied events in the city. Bring your own favourite game or play one of ours.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wil Wheaton Talks International TableTop Day Goodies!

Quick reminder: International Tabletop Day is this Saturday, July the 5th.

Here in Windsor we will be celebrating at the Green Bean Windsor Star News Cafe (3rd floor of 300 Ouellette Ave) from noon until 11PM.

Check out the message from geek icon +Wil Wheaton above for some details of the awesome swag and giveaways we are going to have.

For full details about how you can celebrate #TabletopDay here in Windsor click here.