Monday, 29 October 2012

There's a new Dungeons and Dragons Next playtest pack out

I was checking my hotmail during lunch at work and I found out that there's a new Dungeons and Dragons Next playtest packet out. These things seem to be coming out more and more frequently. The last time I actually got a chance to run the playtest we were still playing around in the Caves of Chaos. 

I had a great time running the two games I got in back then as did all of the players. Even though it only went up to level 3 and we were stuck playing pre-generated characters. I think everyone at the table was excited for the new edition of D&D at the time and we all were looking forward to playing again.

Then another packet came out. This had character creation rules and went to level five and had a new module. I found this one hard to sell to my groups. Mainly because they wanted to continue the old game with the old characters playing through the old dungeon and really I don't blame them. I meant to re-pitch the event and have everyone just re-make their characters at level 2 and continue to run the caves.  Then reality happened.

Now it's only a couple of weeks later an there's yet another packet out. I haven't actually read this one yet but from the buzz online it seems you can go up to 10th level. I know there was a mini packet sent out at one point too with rules for magic items.  Seems I'm falling way behind here.

You can grab the latest and greatest files here:

What has been your experience with the playtest material so far?

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  1. Levels 1 – 10 for the cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard classes.
    Isle of Dread, an adventure for characters levels 3 – 7.
    Specialties for characters levels 1 – 10.
    Backgrounds, including a revised skill list.
    How to Play, with new rules for critical hits, concentration, two-weapon fighting, and contests.
    Bestiary with monsters levels 1 – 10.
    DM Guidelines with new XP values incorporated.
    Spells for characters level 1 – 10.
    Maneuvers for both the fighter and rogue.