Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Hillfolk Kickstarter has gone nuts

So Robin Law's original kickstarter project, Hillfolk, was for one rather nice looking book. He had lots of game design celebs in the rafters waiting to beef up this book when stretch goals hit as well as some plans to open source the system. Then things went nuts N.V.T.S.!  It was funded in hours and the initial stretch goals were hit in days. Pagemageddon I happened as he hit the physical page limit for the book. Oh my! So a second book was added to the kickstarter for a miraculously low price ($16 for print). In addition to this Robin had to go out and find more gaming elite to add to this new book. This is about when I jumped on this crazy train.

Hillfolk Cover Mock-up
Now it's only a few days later and there's still a day left in the kickstarter. Again Robin not only ran out off Gameratti but he has again ran out of room, in the second book! Pagemageddon II has happened. So he pulls in a few favours and brings in more big time gamer people and comes up with a new stretch goal. Those of us who have backed will continue to get pdfs of more content as more stretch goals are reached.

There's so much RPG goodness here that it won't even fit into two books! It's bursting with stuff from the who's who of gaming. Plus it's not done yet! Robin has managed to end up with the Reaper Bones of RPGs with Hillfolk.

I'm a backer, how about you?


  1. I've been a backer since before Pagemageddon hit, in the olden times when Wolves were still the underdogs on the arid plains of Hillfolk. And boy, has it been a wild ride.

  2. Very cool. I'm voting on the Wolves myself. I'm a long time Elfquest fan and do to that and a love for the Wolfriders I just had to back them.

    I figure at this point even if I don't like the game, I'm going to have more than enough ideas to mine to make it well worth it. Plus it look like it's going to be a beautiful pair of books from a collectors standpoint.