Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SnarfQuest returns in Knights of the Dinner Table

Jolly Blackburn from Kenzer Co. just let this image slip over on Facebook. It looks like SnarfQuest is coming back in a big way, this time in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.

I'm a big fan of this comic from way back in the day. From the pages of Dragon Magazine to the graphic novel and later even a board game, that well wasn't so hot. I'm really looking forward to seeing Snarf and the group return. I think it's time to start collecting Knights again.

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  1. Hi Moe

    Was going over the who you are section you are a very busy guy indeed and a lover of games I truly love dice games and some board games as well. Just thought I would drop you a few lines.

    Ben (The Card dealer) Powell