Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The WGR is joining up with The LAN of the Dead! - May 4th-5th

The Windsor Gaming resource is teaming up with the people behind LAN of the Dead 3 to provide tabletop gaming in addition to the fast and furious video gaming already on the schedule. WGR member Jason Russell has signed up for the long haul and will be there for the entire event. There will be a special Tabletop Lounge set up just for us old school gamers who like looking our opponents right in the eye as we crush their hopes of victory. Jason will be bringing a selection of great games including the hot new Star Wars X-Wing miniature game from Fantasy Flight.

The event runs from 10AM Saturday May 4th until 6PM on Sunday May 5th. Guests and gamers who just want to play some tabletop games are welcome to show up for free any time between 10AM and 11PM. After that though the Tabletop Lounge will be for paying event participants only.

In regards to the LAN party there are a wide variety of passes available  There's Bring Your Own Computer passes, Console Tournament Tickets and Spectator Passes. As one of the biggest LAN events in Ontario there will be over $2500 in cash and prizes up for grabs. There will be both console and PC tournaments as well as special events and giveaways.  For full details on the LAN party and various tournaments and prizes please check out the Facebook event page here:

So come out to LAN of the Dead 3 where, together with the Windsor Gaming Resource, the digital is meeting the analog.

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