Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Tabletop Drop - a great way to get new RPGs cheap and help a good cause

This morning +Keyon Thomas contacted me and asked me to spread the word about Tabletop Drop. I looked into it and it seems like an awesome concept that I'm happy to spread the word about.

Tabletop Drop is supports two great causes. The first is a charity called Reach out and Read. 10% of the proceeds from Tabletop Drop go to this program that is dedicated to getting books into kids hands. The second great cause is accessible roleplaying games. A core rulebook for a popular RPG can easily cost over $50. The games involved in Tabletop Drop are pay what you want.

So buy buying your games through Tabletop Drop you not only help a good cause, you won't break the bank. Right now there are four great looking RPGs featured on the Drop and a new set of games will be dropping in 19 days at the time of this post.

The RPGs featured in the first drop:

  • Carmine is an alchemical fantasy RPG with a custom system, introduces the mist-laden world of Carmine, the last bastion of humanity. Will you solve the mysteries you discover in this world or will you succumb to the horrors that await?
  • Tier, the Enhanced Role Playing Game, is a system built off of DnD 3.5, offers simplified roll mechanics and an innovative classless system for a deeper connection and bigger hand in character’s development. 
  • Spears of the Dawn, an African-inspired old-school RPG from the makers of Stars Without Number. Myths and legends await you in the wild and brooding Three Lands where one misstep can mean riches beyond your dreams or a horrible, gruesome death.
  • Legion, the Sci Fi RPG that allows you to play the role of a militaristic hero who’s goal is to deliver the galaxy from unimaginable evil and destruction. Legion uses cooperative storytelling to create adventure, mystery, and action that will sate any RPG fan’s thirst.
So what are you waiting for? Head over to now and fill up your digital bag of holding knowing you saved some cash and helped out a good cause.

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