Monday, 22 July 2013

Games & Grub at the Green Bean downtown - August 2nd

Based on the success of our July event at the Green Bean's new Downtown location we are heading back in August. This new venue is seriously cool. Besides a couple huge tables, great food and still offering bottomless coffee, the new venue has a great pair of balconies overlooking Ouelette.

A heads up for anyone who hasn't been there before. The new Green Bean is located at 300 Ouellette on the 3rd floor. You go in where you used to go to get to the Palace Cinema or take the elevator to the third floor. The new cafe is part of the Windsor Star.

There's no theme for this all ages event. It runs from 6pm until 11pm. This is a great venue for longer more in depth games with lots of bits. Lots of lighting too.

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