Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz returns to Windsor

August 17th The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz returns to Windsor Ontario.

This all day, no elimination, five round board game tournament will be hosted at The Green Bean Cafe's downtown location, otherwise known as The Windsor Star News Cafe, on the third floor of 300 Outlette Ave in the Windsor Star's new offices (the old Palace Theater). The event will run from Noon until 9pm. Doors will open at 11am.

For this years event we will have five rounds:

Round 1 - 1 hour
Round 2 - 1 hour
Round 3 - 1.5 hours
Dinner 1 hour
Round 4 - 1.5 hours
Final Round - 2 hours

Each round players will score points based on their ranking in the game. These points are weighted by the game length (so you get more points for winning a 2 hour game than a 1 hour game). At the end of the event prizes will be awarded based on points earned.

The player with the highest total will win a day pass to FanExpo Canada to participate in the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz Finals. Additional prizes will be awarded for first through fifth place. There will also be a ton door prizes (possibly enough for everyone to walk out with something).

You can find out more about The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz including the full rules and scoring system over at:

The cost to participate in this Blitz is $5. 100% of the proceeds are going towards prizes. The more people that enter the better the prize pool will be.

This will be the fourth time we have hosted a Great Canadian Board Game Blitz here in Windsor. Each previous event has been awesome and we've seen more and more people out ever year. We've got room for 40 people so let's make 2013 a record year.

You can sign up to attend on the Windsor Blitz Facebook Page

The game list for this event can be viewed on google drive: 2013 Windsor Blitz Game List

Sponsors for this event include: Hugin & Munin, Brimstone Games, The Green Bean Cafe and the very generous Russell Brothers. 

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