Saturday, 21 September 2013

Games and Grub at the Green Bean Windsor Star Cafe October 11th

The new Green Bean is located right Downtown Windsor, in the 300 block of Ouelette in the new Windsor Star Building, which used to be the Palace Theater. The actual address is 300 Ouellette Ave - 3rd floor. The actual name is The Windsor Star Cafe by The Green Bean and I know this has caused a bit of confusion in the past. You can either take the elevator to the 3rd floor or you can take the flight of stairs up from the old palace entrance. If you take the stares the actual cafe is around the corner.

There's no theme for this event, just bring whatever you feel like playing. If you don't have very many games don't worry the regulars always bring lots of great stuff and all of us are willing to teach the games we bring.

This all ages event runs from 6pm until 11pm on Friday October 11th

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