Monday, 3 November 2014

Brimstone Board Game Night Featuring Marvel Dice Masters - November 15th

The Windsor Gaming Resource returns to Brimstone Games on Saturday November 15th as part of their twice monthly boardgame night which hits on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. These events run from 5pm to 10pm and are open to all ages.

Brimstone is working to become Windsor's premier board game shop. They've got a great selection of the hottest games and tons of gaming space to play them. Not only that but all board games are currently 30% off!

You can win a board game! 

Every Board Game Night at 8pm the store will draw 1 ticket and the winner will receive a free board game!

Players earn 1 ticket for playing games, limit of 1 ticket per night. Earn 1 ticket for purchasing a snack or drink, limit 1 ticket per night. Earn 1 ticket for bringing 1 or more board games for people to play. Earn 5 tickets for purchasing a game. First time players will receive 5 additional tickets.

You can find Brimstone at 3298 Walker Rd. Parking is available on the south side of the building and on the street around back. Note that Brimstone used to be located in McGregor. This is no longer the case, they moved into Windsor just over a year ago.

Featured Game: Marvel Dice Masters

It's the new hotness. The latest collectible gaming craze: Marvel Dice Masters from Wizkids.

Wizkids took the great dice game Quarriors! and enhanced it then made it PvP with players attacking each other and tossed a Marvel skin on it and it's amazing!

It's been years since I've been hooked on a collectible game but MDM has me good. I love this game.

Come out on the 15th and see what all the fuss is about. You could even win a copy of the new Uncanny X-Men starter set.

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