Friday, 15 May 2015

King of The CG Realm game night - May 30th

There are five Saturday's in May so that means bonus game night! Saturday May 30th we will be gathering at The CG Realm for a night of free optn gaming.

The CG Realm is located at 3147 Tecumseh Road East, right here in Windsor.

In addition to a growing collection of games for sale and demo games for you to try out, they also have a great gaming area with lots of tables, lots of room and great lighting.

Featured Game: King of ....

At this event we will be featuring the two hot King of ... games from Richard Garfield (of Magic the Gathering Fame) and Iello.

Both of these games are awesome larger group games that combine elements of Yahtzee with giant rampaging monsters and a King of the Hill theme.

We will be doing demos of both games as well as the expansions throughout the event.

If everyone is nice maybe we can even convince Ian to give a way a copy of one (or maybe even both).

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