Wednesday, 8 July 2015

CGame night at CG Realm July 11th

The 2nd Saturday of every month the Windsor Gaming Resource is proud to promote The CG Realm CGame night.

The CG Realm is located at 3147 Tecumseh Road East, right here in Windsor.

In addition to a growing collection of games for sale and demo games for you to try out, they also have a great gaming area with lots of tables, lots of room and great lighting.

Featured Games: Bring Out Yer Dead and Batt'l Khaos

At this event we will be featuring the two cool games. Bring Out Yer Dead and Batt'l Khaos. 

Bring Out Yer Dead was just released at Origins and people are going nuts for it. Try to get your family into the best plots in the city's newest cemetery.

Batt'l Khaos is a war between orcs and nights. A tile laying game where players try to form majorities of their own army on the corners of the mage towers scattered on the battlefield. 

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