Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Please join me at the Tabletop Bellhop

I would like to invite all fans of the Windsor Gaming Resource to check out my new project. Something I'm calling  Tabletop Bellhop.

What am I doing with Tabletop Bellhop?

Tabletop Bellhop includes a blog, a Twitch stream, a YouTube Channel and a podcast.

I get questions from our audience. I answer those questions on the blog. Then on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm Eastern we stream and record a live show on Twitch. That live show gets edited and posted on YouTube. The audio from that is further edited and released as a podcast on Tuesday mornings at 2am.

In addition, I will be posting a variety of other content on the blog, some of which will also come up on the live shows and podcast, including news, reviews, previews, weekly look backs, etc.

Why not just continue to use the Windsor Gaming Resource blog?

While I love Windsor and the amazing gamers I've met here, the WGR just isn't a good name for sharing gaming information to the wider community. It's great for local events, but there's no reason things like gaming reviews and gaming news shouldn't be shared with everyone. It's a very local brand and I needed something with a broader appeal.

So what happens to the WGR?

While the blog has sat idle for a large part of this year, The Windsor Gaming Resource facebook group continues to be active. With events and discussions continuing on a regular basis. 

This blog, you can pretty much consider dead. I am going to leave it up because there is some great evergreen content here, but I don't plan on posting anything new here.

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