Sunday, 27 August 2017

#RPGaDAY 2017 - Day 27 - Essential tools for gaming

Day 27 of #RPGaDay 2017. 

What are your essential tools for good gaming?

Am I the only one that's starting to think these questions jumped the shark?

I only have one answer for this one: players. 

The only thing we need at the table to have a good game or even a great game is players. All the rest is optional. Sure you may have a better chance to have a good game with a good ruleset. Yes, you probably up the odds of an epic session of D&D if you set up a Dwarven Forge Dungeon and toss down a 1' tall Orcus miniature in the middle. But you don't need any of that. 

I once ran a game at the Windsor Gaming Society called: Pirates of THE Spanish Highlands. There was a group of gamers there, this was when Magic was a plague taking over all the local RPG tables. Even I had magic cards with me, but there were people there that didn't want to play magic. They wanted to play an RPG. So I made up a game on the spot. I came up with a really simple system and we made notes as we went so there was some form of consistency. It was over the top, it was ridiculous and it was in no way a good system, but to this day it was one of the most fun gaming experiences I've ever had. Ever. 

For those wishing to play along at home, here are the topics for this years #RPGaDay. Feel free to use these cues in your tweets, facebook posts, g+ threads, blog posts and more.

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