Thursday, 3 August 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 - Day 3

Day 3 of #RPGaDay 2017. I just realized I leave on vacation next week so maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this :D Oh well. Maybe I will actually figure out how to schedule posts :D

How do you find out about new RPGs?

This has changed quite a bit over the years. Way back when it was by going to The Dragon's Den in Walkerville. Then it was through gaming magazines. Then it was through local BBSs. After that, it was through the Windsor Gaming Society and word of mouth from fellow gamers. When that fell apart my only tie to gaming was a subscription to Knights of the Dinner Table, so that was my main source. When I got back into gaming it was Hugin & Munin the FLGS that had the largest RPG collection. Then I found That was my main source for many years. I used to be very active there. From there I expanded to social media in general. One of the first things I did on Facebook was to grab various RPG rulebooks and try to friend everyone I could find in the credits. As time went on I spent more and more time on Google Plus. Social media is still where I get a lot of my information but it's not my main source of RPG news.

The way I find out about new RPGs now is through podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Many of them RPG podcasts. Some of my favourites include: Fear the Boot, On RPGs, The Jank Cast, G*M*S magazine, Gaming & B.S., Misdirected Mark, The Gauntlet and Happy Jack's RPG Podcast

Pretty much any time I'm sitting in front of my PC at home I've got a podcast on. When I'm driving around town I've got a podcast on. When I have to work on a weekend or during a shutdown week, I'm at my desk with a podcast on. 

Heck, I even set up a community on Google Plus just for Tabletop Gaming Podcasts where I try to maintain a master list of podcasts. I've even been approached to be a playtester, or rather playlistener on new podcasts. 

For those wishing to play along at home, here are the topics for this years #RPGaDay. Feel freet to use these cues in your tweets, facebook posts, g+ threads, blog posts and more.

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