Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We're dusting off classic Battletech next Tuesday

We're dusting off a true classic and heading to the Green Bean on March 26th to partake in some classic battlemech battles.

That's right classic FASA Battletech. X Tons per side, PPCs, lots of little circles to fill in and worrying about overheating. Kevin Doak will be bringing some models and copy of the rules. If you've got a copy of this classic and any Mechs of your own feel free to bring them. It would be awesome to see some fully painted forces out there.

The event starts at 6PM and will run until close (10PM). We don't have reservations for this event but there's nothing going on at the Green Bean that night so we've been assured there will be room.

The Green Bean is located at: 2320 Wyandotte St W, Windsor, ON N9B 1K4 in the basement of the Church next to Harvey's that has the huge sign on it that says "God loves stundents" on it.


  1. If you ever get down to Milwaukee, you can find a regular game every week, and then some.

    1. That's pretty cool. It's always nice to see classic games still being played. It's probably been 20 years, at least, since I've touched Battletech