Monday, 4 March 2013

What is Torn Armor and why am I excited about it? Includes rules sneak peak

Torn Armor is a new board game in the works from the Torn World team. It is the first game that will be released set in The Torn World, a world that started off as a Dungeons and Dragons home game campaign setting. Torn Armor is going to be a miniature skirmish boardgame and everything I've seen about the game looks awesome.

Torn Armor is currently up on Kickstarter and is looking for you, the gaming community, to make this game a reality. Only a couple days in so far and they have already reached $9k. That's still a long way to go to their target of $50k. If you think this game and it's setting looks awesome, I encourage you to back the project. The team have some truly awesome stretch goals in mind and I would love to see them not only hit their funding but provide everyone with the coolest game possible.

You can back the game here:

Torn Armor is coming from a solid group of gaming industry professionals. Alyssa Faden is the woman behind Torn Armor. I first heard of her due to her fantastic, breathtaking, hand drawn RPG maps. She's also done work for Paizo, Silver Griffon and most recently Gygax Magazine. Jack Cull her partner, is responsible for most of the crunch behind the game. Ross Isaacs who has done work for WotC, White Wolf, Chaosium and more, is the lead editor. jim pinto who doesn't like his name capitalized, is in charge of graphics. Credit for the amazing art you can see on this page goes to Jeff Laubenstein and Eric Lofgren. Jason Wiebe is responsible for the fantastic miniatures based on that art. Gwen Perkins writer of the Artifacts of Empires series and other books, gets the fine job of editing. Lastly Matthew Meagley is on board to balance the various mechanics and work on probabilities. I'm also a small part of the Torn Armor team, having been asked by them to help spread the word and get people as hyped about this game as I am.

Below I've got some pictures and links to things that sold me on Torn Armor. A mix of concept drawings, 3D renders of the models and even a gameplay video that makes Torn look like a quick to set up, easy to learn game with a solid level of depth.

Here's some of the great concept art for the Maychian Faction - one of the two included in the core game :

These are from the other faction included in the game, the Greco-Roman inspired Sisk:

Some of these guys are just huge. Here's a great size comparison of the various models:

You can learn more about the actual gameplay of Torn Armor in this video:

Still not sold on Torn Armor? Well maybe this will push you over the edge. Alyssa Faden, the amazing woman behind The Torn World, has been awesome enough to send me a copy of the first draft of the rules for Torn Armor. These are only an initial draft and lack any art and gameplay shots but will give you a chance to read over the rules and see if this is a game for you.

You can check out the draft of the rules here:

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