Monday, 1 April 2013

WGR Refocus and top games of all time

Welcome to the new and improved Windsor Gaming Resource. A website dedicated to the best games of all time. A place for people to gather to play great games with friends and family. A place for gamers new and old to find out about new games and hook up with other local gamers.

Why the change? Well so called Euro-games and Ameri-Trash seem hot right now but I've done my research and it's been proven without a doubt that this fascination with deeply strategic games, games that focus on maximizing fun and player interaction, is just a fad. A fad that is going to fade within the next year. I want to be be on the cutting edge of gaming so I'm making this change ahead of the curve.

Who wants to play a game about farming when you could be building a Monopoly? Who wants to plant beans when you can Go Fish! How much fun can battling for Ascension be compared to a Game of War!

Also being in Windsor, I thought I would be remiss to totally skip over the big glowing building downtown: The Casino. So you can expect to see a lot more Casino Windsor info here in the coming weeks. Players choice awards, upcoming shows and more. I'm working towards getting some exclusive deals with the Casino and am very close to being able to offer all members $1 off the amazing buffet.

To finish off our first post under the new look and focus I want to leave you with a list. A list of some of the best games of all time. Games people have been coming back to year after year. The stuff we grew up on and the stuff that's still great. You may have forgotten just how good these games are and I think it's high time we return back to the roots.

Monopoly - the big daddy of boardgaming. Probably the best game of all time. The key to this one though is the right house rules. You don't want the game to be over in the first hour so you want to make sure to get rid of the Auction rule right away. Next don't allow people to buy properties the first time around the board. Now in order to give a player who is loosing a chance, we suggest you take all the money that should go to the bank and put it on Free Parking. Anyone that lands there get's the money! 

Chutes and Ladders - this is a fantastic game for so many reasons. The theme is great. If you are good you get to move up the ladder and move towards the goal at the end. If you are bad you slide down a chute and end up farther from the goal. A lot of people just gloss over the theme aspect of this game and just think it's moving up and down randomly without noticing the life lesson. A fair warning though: watch our for old printings. There are some early evil printings of this game under the name Snakes & Ladders. This is a sick twisted game made back in the dark ages and used to scare children. Avoid it at all cost.

Go Fish! - I noted this one above and compared it to the popular Uwe Roseberg game Bohnanza. In Bohnanza you plant beans. That's right you are a grubby farmer worried about running out of Green Beans. How much fun is that? How about instead we Go Fish! The mix of relaxation sitting back trying to get a catch combined with the thrill of the hunt. Casting your rod and net and trying to collect more fish than your opponents. This works just as well two player as more. Tons of interaction and strategy as you try to guess what kind of fish your opponents are collecting while trying to hide your intentions.

WAR! - What is more strategic, dramatic and gripping than War! Two sides going to battle. One winner and one looser. This game has a fantastic attrition feel as you fight battle after battle slowly loosing troops and resources to the other player. Then suddenly things escalate and these skirmishes become a WAR!!! The stakes are raised and one card can swing the entire tide of the game.

So there you have it four games that some people claim to be the best games of all time and the arguments supporting them. Personally I would put as much faith in those as I would on anything else on April 1st.


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  2. Good write up.

    Forgot the rare but popular Poisson d'Avril game. Looking forward to that $1 off buffet deal.

  3. About time WGR posts the games that matter.
    Probably best post yet on WGR.
    Really happy to see such great games.
    I love the new look

  4. Who wants to try to strategically campaign to win the affection of a princess through her various entourage. Instead people are going to be play "Pick a Hand" or "Guess a Number". Looking forward to this golden era returing.