Thursday, 6 June 2013

I've taken the Free RPG Day $5 Pledge, how about you?

The 15th of June is Free RPG day! This means you get to head to your FLGS and pick up some awesome free RPG stuff. From full games to starter rules, from dice towers to dice themselves. Locally we've got some great events going on like a World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day adventure. If you do head out this year I ask you to make the $5 pledge! 

Support your store. Don't just go in and grab some free stuff and skate. Buy something. The FLGS didn't get this stuff for free, they had to pay for it and see it as an investment in you. They are trying to get you to try something new and then once you are hooked support them while investing in your new game. So show some love and spend at least $5 at your FLGS this Free RPG day!

Logo and the $5 Pledge concept was started by The Geek Life Project blog 

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