Friday, 14 June 2013

Please keep an eye open for this stolen Warmachine army

Reposting this from +Dave Garbe, awesome Wargramming Tradecraft blog.

Really sad, and even worse that it happened locally. I can only assume that whoever took the case didn't know what was in it. I really hate to think that this could have been another local gamer.

Keep your eyes open at events, eBay, Kijiji etc.

Text of Dave's original post:

Today, one of the guys at our local club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (border city across from Detroit, Michigan, USA) had his car broken into and his army case was stolen.

The contents were a Warmachine Cryx army (photo below) and any details you might have or publicity you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

As always my email is NPlusPlus [AT] WargamingTradecraft [DOT] com

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