Monday, 20 January 2014

Cards & Coffee - February 8th

February 8th we return to long time FLGS Hugin & Munin for a night of cards and caffeine. The event will run from 5pm until 11pm. Through the entirety of the event all Tassimo coffee will be half off.

Our last event in January had 22 people show up, which pretty much packed the place. You may want to show up a bit early as the place gets packed and we run out of chairs quickly. To help alleviate this problem Ian will be putting up a table for us to store our games on and an extra table (4 total) so that there's more room to actually play. We also ask that people try to squeeze in two games at each table where possible.

Yeah it's called Cards & Coffee and yes some people dig playing Dominion or Magic or Munchkin but you don't need to stick to card games. It's just an excuse to spend a Saturday night playing some games, any games. Our last event saw games like: Firefly, Zombie Dice, Settlers of Catan, Gloom and Space Cadets Dice Duels.

This is a free, ages event that is open to anyone and everyone. Bring your favourite game or play one of ours. The store always has plenty of demo copies you are welcome to try out and most people who attend bring a game or two to share with the group.

Hugin & Munin is located at 1664 Tecumseh RD. E. in Windsor Ontario. Parking in back or on side roads and free out front after 6pm.

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