Saturday, 4 January 2014

Games and Grub at the Green Bean - January 31st

On the 31st of January we return to the Green Bean's Windsor Star Cafe in Downtown Windsor. The event starts at 6pm and goes until 11pm and is open to all ages.

The Green Bean Coffee Company, Windsor Star Cafe is located on the third floor of 300 Ouellette ave. You can take the elevator from the ground or the stairs up from the 2nd floor. This is the location of the old Palace theaters.

There's lots of room and great lighting at this venue. We've found it's great for long and short games alike. The large tables are great for those games like Eclipse that are hard to fit at home.

There's no theme to the event. Bring whatever you like, or show up and play some of the games others have brought. Everyone is usually willing to teach anything they bring.

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