Saturday, 5 August 2017

#RPGaDAY 2017 - Day 5 - What cover best captures the spirit of the game?

Day 5 of #RPGaDay 2017. 

Which RPG cover best captures the spirit of the game?

I've been thinking about this one all day while at work. I still haven't come up with the perfect answer. It has been very interesting to see what other people have shared for this prompt. There's some really great stuff out there. Some people seem to be looking for a cover that shows what you will do in the game. Others are going more for a feeling. Some are looking at things very artistically. What I really enjoy about this particular question is the amount of variety I'm seeing. Even people who seem to have been answering the same game for every question are coming up with something new for the best cover.

Ones I've considered: Cosmic Patrol, Albedo, Dresden Files, Trail of Cthulhu, Corporia, DCC, Maid, Swords & Wizardry, Durance, Spirit of the Century, Toon, Motorbushido, Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, Paranoia, Ork!, Mekton, Little Fears, Hollow Earth Expedition, Land of Og, Dream Park, It Came From The Late, Late, Late Show.

In the end, I went for Teenagers From Outer Space (specifically the 3rd edition). To me, this cover shows me exactly what to expect from this game. Just look at that cover. It's got everything you would expect from old 80s and 90s anime. Rockets, space ships, a bi-plane, a little puprle guy, a mermaid girl, a vampire banana, Bee Dude, bondage cat girl, Harlock wannabe and more. I took one look at this cover back in the day and immediately my head was filled with scenes from Urusei Yatsura and Robot Carnival and Dr. Slump. I had to own it. I even picked up an issue of Protoculture Addicts that had the stats for the Robotech SDF1 crew. I remember Minmay having "Wrap boys around little finger" at 5.

For those wishing to play along at home, here are the topics for this years #RPGaDay. Feel free to use these cues in your tweets, facebook posts, g+ threads, blog posts and more.

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