Friday, 25 August 2017

The Dave Russell Memorial Geek and Gaming Auction - September 1st

A few weeks ago we lost one of our own. A fellow gamer passed on to whatever adventure lies next. This auction is in honor of Dave Russell and is in support a dream Dave shared with his mother, Moo and brother Jay. That dream is Geektropolis Cafe. A gathering spot for gamers

Funds raised will go towards opening Geektropolis, adding a handi-capable washroom and in support of the Russell family in this trying time.

Dave left behind a PILE, actually multiple PILES of action figures, anime figures, RPGs and board games. Dave worked at the well known Silver Snail comic book shop for years before moving to Windsor and pretty much 100% of what he made he spent at the store. He's got enough geeky stuff to fill a game store. We think Dave would have liked these to find homes with fellow gamers.

This will be a live auction. It is being hosted at the future home of Geektropolis Cafe at 1144 Wyandotte St. E. The former location of Harvey Lo's. The auction will be starting at 6pm and will go as long as it takes.

Geektropolis will be accepting cash and debit for this event.

Come out and help us celebrate Dave's love of gaming and raise some money to make his dream become a reality.

For more details and discussion please visit the facebook event page here:

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